* Tax Deductible - Gift *

    On May 6, 1986 the Harrington House Fund was founded and named after Arthur Harrington, the first President of Chi Sigma Chi. Its purpose is to provide a method for friends, parents, and alumni to support the physical infrastructure of the house.  


    Use of Funds:

    • The money from the house fund shall be used only for special large projects and the purchasing of needed equipment and supplies for the house and yard. 
    • Oversight of the fund is provided by the university. All withdrawals must be requested by an officer of the fraternity, and approved by both the Director of Student Life, and an Alumni Patron. 
    • Donations to the Harrington House Fund can only be spent on physical, tangible additions to the house, making them tax deductible as a 'gift' to the university.  
  • *Tax Deductible - Endowment*

    In 2011, at the 75th Reunion, it was decided that the scholarship endowment was to be named after Larry Burgess. This university controlled endowment is dedicated to the academic advancement of members of Chi Sigma Chi.


    Use of Funds:

    • Oversight of the fund is provided by the university.  
    • Money donated is to exist in the endowment in perpetuity, and only a percentage of the interest gained each year is dedicated to a current student member. 
    • Due to the nature of this donation, it is considered tax deductible.