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    Early in the 1930’s two fraternities were formed on the University of Redlands campus, Phi Epsilon (1931) and Phi Delta Tau (1932). On May 6, 1936, these two fraternities merged to form one stronger, more unified fraternity, Chi Sigma Chi. On that day, each of the two founding houses contributed two of the four ideals of our brotherhood, as represented on our crest: Brotherhood, Knowledge, Service, and Justice.

    Since that time Chi Sigma Chi has thrived on the mantra Unity through Diversity. No two brothers are the same, nor are they expected to be. We emphasize academic responsibility, while maintaining an equal dedication to the university, and community. Moreover, we are bound by honor and loyalty to uphold the quality and lastingness of our brotherhood.

    Whether you are a current member, alumni, parent, or student, we invite you explore our website and get to know us better.

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