• Dear Parents of Chi Sigma Chi,

    First, let me thank you for your support as a parent of Chi Sigma Chi. I imagine that, in most cases, parents look upon membership in a fraternity with concern. But let me assure you that, although you may see little for your child to gain as a fraternity member in college, over time you will see the true value in the lifelong membership of an organization such as ours.

    It has been 12 years since I walked the stage at Redlands, and I have been benefiting from my membership ever since. In fact, my first job out of college was the result of a reference from another member of the fraternity. Coincidentally, my last job in California before moving back to Texas came as a result of networking through another fraternity brother.

    Our organization is filled with stories similar to mine, and it all starts the moment your son receives his fraternity letters. In fact, I had planned on transferring from Redlands in my sophomore year, but instead decided to give fraternity life a try. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only did I finish Redlands with a great education, it’s provided me the ability to counsel countless members through the same issues I experienced with similar end results; they remained enrolled at Redlands, graduated, and are now active in helping others do the same. Not to mention, if I had transferred from Redlands I would have never met my beautiful wife, who is also a Redlands graduate.

    Whether your child is interested in Biology, Math, Business, Politics, or the Environment, they will likely find an alumnus who shares their same passion and can offer career advice or reference. We have Construction Craftsmen, Tax Consultants, members in Music and Film, Small Business Owners, Web Designers, Lawyers, Doctors, and Politicians all within our ranks and each as interested in seeing your son succeed as you are.

  •  Your son is currently laying the foundation for future generations. As the Chairman of the Chi Sigma Chi Alumni Association, I’m currently working with the active members to turn the Chi Sig house into a place they can enjoy both day and night. Whether they’re searching for a quiet, shaded area to read, or a safe location to blow off some steam at the end of a long week, I want them to enjoy every moment as much as I did.


    Thank you,

    Jessie ‘McBane’ Hardy
    Chairman; CSCAA
    Zachry Industrial, Inc.
    San Antonio, Texas


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